Year 2 Fire Safety Talk

Today we had some special visitors. Two firefighters came to tell us about fire safety and reminded us to check our smoke alarms at home! They told us the importance of having a Fire Plan in case there is a fire at home so everyone knows what to do.

– Check all door handles before you open the door. If it is hot, do not open it as the fire could be at the other side. If it is cool, it is safe to open.
– Crawl along the floor. Smoke rises so the ground is the safest place to be.
– Shout for the adults in the house to wake them up.
– Get out of the house as quickly and safely as possible.
– Phone the fire brigade after you have left the house.
– Don’t go back in for pets or belongings.


After half term, Year 2s have Sports Development teaching Dance! This will be on a Tuesday so please can you ensure your child has their kit, and earrings are removed, on the first day back.
Many thanks,
Miss Duckworth

The Park by J. Shaw – A Poetry Performance

Our performance of the poem:

The Park

I went to the park today,
And had a look around.
While adjectives hung in the trees,
Nouns and verbs covered the ground.
There was:

Poem 1 from R Duckworth on Vimeo.

Poem 2 from R Duckworth on Vimeo.

Poem 3 from R Duckworth on Vimeo.

Poem 4 from R Duckworth on Vimeo.

Poem 5 from R Duckworth on Vimeo.

J. Shaw

Moon Facts!

We got assigned different roles within co-operative groups. Some of us were Fact Finders who had to read the facts and sort them. Some of us were Writers who wrote down the correct facts. Some of us were Vocabulary Spotters who wrote down any interesting or new words!
We will use these facts when we write our non-chronological reports all about the Moon.

Can you find out any more facts about the Moon?

Adding on a Number Line

Using the giant number line we found on our classroom floor this morning, we have been learning how to add two numbers!

Our success criteria for adding:

  • Start at the first or largest number.
  • Look at the second number and do that many jumps forwards.
  • Look at what number you land on – that is your answer!

Here we are working out the answer to 14 + 8 =

IMG_0788 from R Duckworth on Vimeo.

The answer is 22!

Welcome to Year 1/2!

What a busy first few days back! I hope you had a lovely summer holiday.

The children have settled well as new Year 1s and Year 2s and are already working hard and having a go at challenges.

This half term, our topic is, ‘What’s it like to be an Explorer?’ where we will beĀ exploring famous explorers, what they did and the places they discovered.

Home Learning and Spellings will be sent home this Friday.

Please try to read with your child everyday, it makes a huge difference! Reading books can be changed daily, as often as they need changing so please remind your child to put their book (with their reading record) into the yellow tray in class once it has been read.

Our PE days this half term are Wednesday and Friday so please ensure your child has their kit and earrings have been taken out.

Forest School is on a Thursday so please ensure your child’s kit is in school.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday!

Miss Duckworth